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A boutique practice focused on Estate Planning, Regulatory Compliance and Cannabis Law

Rebecca Mendribil, Esq.

Providing creative, effective legal services with a client-centered approach.

Rebecca Mendribil is dedicated to personal attention, professional integrity and distinction. Navigating regulatory schemes and making decisions regarding your legacy can be daunting and involve complicated questions of law and fact. With a background in high-stakes litigation, Ms. Mendribil provides creative and decisive solutions to challenging legal questions. She is well-versed in the CEQA process and understands the intricacies of local politics.

We also recognize that lingering legal issues cost clients time and resources, and maintain a select caseload so as to provide each client our closest attention.

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Practice Areas

Regulatory Compliance and Land Use:

Our office offers the experience necessary to guide clients through the complexities of regulatory compliance and management. In addition, we provide streamlined and effective representation with respect to zoning and permitting, helping navigate the complex legal and political process involved in permitting and licensing projects.

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Cannabis Related Legal Issues:

Rebecca Mendribil began representing clients in the cannabis industry in 2010 and understands the complexities and evolving issues facing cannabis businesses today. From code enforcement, to permitting and licensing, to regulatory compliance and inspections, Ms. Mendribil assists clients in navigating the exciting and elaborate regulatory landscape.

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Immigration Asylum Appeals:

Did the court deny your asylum petition? Do not delay! Contact my office today to get started on your appeal to the Board of Immigration Appeals.

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Estate Planning:

Ms. Mendribil recognizes that an estate plan is essential to protect our client’s assets and help them manage their wealth. Our office focuses on the individual goals of each client to carefully craft an estate plan to ensure that assets are transferred in accordance with his or her wishes. As important, we develop critical life-care documents that allow designated individuals to advocate on our client’s behalf should it become necessary.

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Why Choose Our Office

Personal Service

We pride ourselves on providing outstanding client service. We are available and accessible to promptly answer questions and respond to requests.

Focused Practice

Rather than branching into various areas of law, Ms. Mendribil has focused her practice on the areas for which she has a passion. She has spent years honing her skills in order to excel in her focused practice areas.

Passionate About Your Case

Each case presents unique issues. We do not treat our clients like widgets on a conveyor belt, presenting cookie-cutter solutions to your particular issues. Each case receives the attention it deserves and the individualized solutions to meet your needs.

Local focus, with state-wide services

Ms. Mendribil started her practice in Sonoma County and has practiced locally since 2010. She has also had the opportunity to practice and establish relationships in counties throughout California offering the ability to provide services in California’s most prominent cannabis markets.